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Massage Therapy

Do you suffer from muscular discomfort, tension, body aches, or a sports injury? Take charge of your chronic aches and pain and start feeling human again with a soothing, healing massage from Sweeney Chiropractic. 


We provide a wide range of techniques customized to your needs including therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, relaxation, pregnancy Swedish massage, and sports massage, as well as therapeutic stretching. 


Our therapies address a variety of issues including: 


● Sports injuries
● Shoulder problems
● Muscle stiffness, aches and tension
● Lower back problems
● Sacroiliac pain
● Hip, pelvis and leg discomfort
● Headaches and migraines
● Backache

● Neck pain
● Knee pain
● Whiplash
● Ligament and tendon problems
● Tennis elbow
● Repetitive strain injury
● Carpal tunnel
● Numbness and tingling

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